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What happens when you take a religion with the right message and turn it into a science fiction novel? author Mark Lawrence, who was born in India but raised in Australia, says he is hoping his new book, Christ and the Case for Christ, will do just that. “When I started my research into this topic, I couldn’t believe the kind of things people were saying,” Mr Lawrence said. “The most common response was, ‘Oh, I’m not a Christian, but I’ve heard the book about how Christianity is the cause of everything and all religions are just false.'”That’s where the book comes in.” The book, published by the publisher, the Royal Society of Australia, is a mix of history, myth and the latest science. It looks at the history of religion, and the ways religion has changed over time, to look at how the concept of God has been reshaped over time. “I don’t want to be the ‘Christian is evil, all religions must be false, I hate God’,” Mr Lawrence wrote. “What I hope my book does is put some of the historical spin on it.” Mr Lawrence, whose book is based on interviews with people who were raised in churches, believes the idea that people who attend churches believe they are following God is just a myth perpetuated by those who are trying to convince people. “They are so obsessed with the idea of God that they ignore the fact that it’s not the truth at all,” he said. Christ and The Case for the Christian Science

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Christianity is an ancient and deeply rooted belief system in which the Holy Spirit is at work, Mr Lawrence says.The idea of Jesus as the Son of God is also present in the New Testament, he said, and
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