Why does it matter who Jesus was born in?

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Why does the Bible make reference to a person’s birth?

Because Jesus is the son of God.

It’s the one-and-only-true, divinely appointed son of the Father.

It means He is God’s son.

He’s born from the Father’s love.

Jesus is God.

The Bible calls him the Son of God, not His divine-born son, because His mother was a woman.

The Hebrew word translated “Son of God” is yad-oah.

That means He’s the son who was created out of love.

He was born out of the love of God and man.

He had the privilege of being born to the Father as a human being.

That’s why God calls Jesus “son of God.”

The name “Son” in the Bible is used to describe a person who was not born from God, but rather a son of a human mother who had no other offspring.

If Jesus had been a man, He would not have been called “Son.”

In fact, He was a virgin when He was baptized.

The word “virgin” in Hebrew means a virgin born in the virgin birth.

That is, He had no male offspring.

But He was also a child of God who was a child, not a man.

If the Bible had referred to Jesus as a man then He would have been a “pregnant virgin.”

But it didn’t.

In the New Testament, Jesus was called “son” in every context.

He wasn’t a male.

He didn’t become a man by sinning.

Jesus never “became a man” by sin.

He lived a virgin life.

He became a man in the body of Christ.

His body was resurrected by the blood of the Lamb, who was descended from God the Father, by Jesus’ baptism.

In this very day, the word “Son,” as in the Hebrew, means a child born from a human parent, not the child of a deity.

In short, the Bible doesn’t use the word Jesus as the name of a person.

It uses the word He who was born of the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ, who is God, to describe the divinely ordained son of god.

When the Apostle Paul wrote the first Epistle to the Corinthians, he was writing for a world that was already Christian.

He saw the early Christians as unbelievers who had lost their faith in Jesus Christ.

Paul didn’t believe that Jesus was the Son, the Son-in-waiting of God because He didn.

The Corinthians rejected Paul’s claim because they were Christians.

They didn’t know how to accept Jesus as God, either.

They had no way of knowing He wasn’ t the son.

They couldn’t believe He was the Christ because they didn’t recognize the Son.

And Paul had the good fortune of being a Roman Catholic.

The Apostle Paul’s words were the very first words in the New World Order.

They gave us the foundation for the modern world.

They are the basis for the Catholic Church today.

They were the basis of the Church of Jesus.

They’re the foundation on which the modern Catholic Church stands.

And they were the foundation upon which the New Jerusalem is built today.

Paul’s message was a powerful message because he was a man of the world.

And the message was that God created a new God in heaven who was different from the old one.

This new God was God the Son and the Savior of the human race.

Paul taught the truth about God.

His message is what makes God great.

He is the Son that came to be.

God is love.

God the Word came into being by the power of the Holy Spirit.

He came to us from God.

He made us, with the Word, perfect in Him.

God came to man, and He gave Him dominion over the entire earth.

This dominion was the foundation of the church.

He gave His only begotten Son.

Jesus was God’s chosen Son.

Paul was the one who made the first attempt to teach the truth.

But the Holy Ghost had to be present to guide the Holy Apostles to the truth because the Holy Scriptures are silent on the subject of Jesus’ birth.

And yet, the Holy Scripture tells us that the Son was born.

The Holy Bible also tells us how Jesus became the Son He was.

It tells us about how He is called “the son of man.”

It tells about how Jesus’ mother was an “angel.”

It says the Son “went out of her womb” and “was born.”

And it tells us the Holy Bible says, “For the Spirit came upon Him from heaven and breathed life into His nostrils.”

The Holy Scriptures also tell us the Son’s mother was called Mary Magdalene, the Mother of God in the Jewish Scriptures.

The Book of Acts, the third chapter of the New Testament, tells us a lot about the story of Jesus and Mary Magd

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