Pope Francis: I am “not an angel” but I will always pray for the “heart of the Christ”

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Pope Francis has called the Christ of the Bible “my angel” in a series of recent interviews, which he says is “not surprising.”

In an interview with The New York Times published Sunday, the pontiff said the Bible does not define who he is as a Christian.

“I am not an angel, I am a human being who loves God and who believes in him,” Francis said.

“But I am not the angel of the church.

I am the one who loves the church.”

Francis also said he is not an “angel of the devil.”

“I know that it is the devil who is trying to deceive and hurt me,” he said.

The pope has been a longtime advocate of a “new approach” to religion, and this is just the first time he has used the term.

His call for a new approach came as he began his first public visit to the U.S. in the past year, and he spoke at the opening of a new church in Los Angeles.

The pontiff has previously made similar calls for a different kind of religion, such as the Catholic Church, which is the official church of the Vatican.

Francis has also said that his goal is to convert “all of humanity.”

The pope, however, also said his focus is on “all believers, Christians and non-Christians alike,” as well as those who “believe in the resurrection of Christ and the Holy Spirit.”

The Pope’s comments come as the U

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