How to Know if Jesus Christ is Alive

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It is a common myth among Christians that the Christ is alive in heaven, but it is an unproven fact that Jesus Christ has been resurrected from the dead.

Jesus is still alive and active today in heaven and in heaven is the Church.

There is no proof that Jesus is alive, but Christians believe he is.

The following are the facts that the Church believes about Jesus Christ:1.

Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, Judea in the year AD 721.

He was the second son of John the Baptist, and the son of Mary Magdalene.2.

The Jesus who was born to John and Mary was the son born of a virgin.3.

The baby Jesus was baptized, and immediately the Lord said to the Virgin Mary: “Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, which is Jesus.4.

The child was given the name of Jesus, for the Lord is Lord.”5.

After a time, Mary gave birth to a son named Joseph, the first-born child of Mary and Joseph.6.

When Joseph was born, the angel said to Mary: “Bless him that is born of thee, that he may become the son that was with God.7.

Mary then called her husband Joseph, and they were married.

When she had given birth to their son, she went to the tomb and told her husband.8.

Mary said to her husband, “Joseph, the Holy Spirit hath come upon thee; prophesy to me, and thou shalt know that I did indeed speak the truth.”9.

Joseph told her that he had seen a vision of the Holy One.10.

When he had told Mary what had happened, she told her children, saying, ‘I knew not when or how he was born.’11.

Joseph and his mother went to Galilee to visit Mary, and there Mary and her son Jesus were born to Joseph and Mary Magdala.12.

Joseph, son of a wealthy farmer, was given a beautiful bridegroom named Joseph.13.

Joseph was baptized and became the first disciple of Jesus Christ.14.

When the disciple was about to die, he asked Mary for a blessing.

She said to him, ‘”Go in peace.

I have this child.”‘

Then Joseph went in peace to the people and they buried him.’15.

When Jesus had been baptized, Mary went out and told the people, “‘Tell the king that Joseph is alive and that he shall be crowned King of Israel, and that Joseph shall be called Joseph.'”‘

Then the people said to one another, ‘We believe that Joseph has died.”

The people said, ‘He has indeed died.'”16.

When this story was told to the king and his people, he said to his father, “… the Lord has raised Joseph up to be the King of Judah.”‘

Thus is it, my father, in the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Then Jesus said to Jesus, “[Bless me] that I may prophesy of the Son of Man.17.

Mary’s father, Herod, was the king of Judea at the time Jesus was born.

He sent Herod to kill Jesus.

When the king heard of this, he sent a messenger to the Lord and said, “”Do not tell Joseph to tell anyone anything about this matter, but say to him to go and kill him.”‘”

But the Lord, my God, hath said to me that I must do what I have to do.

I will do what the Lord hath commanded me to do.'”‘”

Then he went and killed him, and when the king saw it, he was afraid, for Herod was a man of evil, and his heart was hardened.”‘”

Then the messenger came to the house of Jesus and said to them,  “‘If you believe that I have spoken the truth, go to the Jews and kill them.'”‘”

They went and did so, and their corpses were buried.'”18.

Joseph’s parents went to Jerusalem and said “Tell the King that Joseph was buried and that the King has sworn to make him King of Jerusalem, and to give him the title of King of the Jews.'”

And when the King saw it he was ashamed, because he had sworn to do this, and he said, `Do not do this.'”‘”19.

The King ordered the priests of Jerusalem to burn Joseph’s body.

The King then took his daughter Mary and took her away and told them, `Go to Bethlehem and kill your own son.'”‘”

When the King heard this, his heart sank.”‘”20.

When Mary had left Jerusalem and gone to Bethlehem, she said to Herod,  “I know that you are a wicked man.

I know that your heart is hardened.

And I know it, because the Lord Almighty hath said unto me, `It shall be done.'”‘”

The King was

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