A father’s journey to Christ in Indonesia

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By MATT KURTZMANN, Associated Press The father of a young Muslim convert has come to a surprising conclusion about the life of Christ.

“When I was about 13 years old I saw a movie,” said Ali Yusuf in an interview with CNN Philippines.

He was 14 when he and his brother, Yusuf Yusuf, went to live in Malaysia.

The family was Muslim and Yusuf was baptized in a Muslim church, which Yusuf said was very difficult.

When they left for Malaysia in the late 1970s, Yusuff and his brothers were shunned by the community because they had never seen a Muslim convert.

Yusuf said he was angry and didn’t want to go back to Malaysia because it was not the place to be.

But, he said, the conversion made him feel more comfortable and closer to the people.

After the family left for Indonesia in 1986, Yusuuf said his parents decided to convert to Islam.

They came to an agreement with a local imam that if they convert, they will be allowed to work and attend church, where they are allowed to have family members and receive financial support.

That was not how Yusuf and his parents envisioned life in Indonesia.

As they were waiting for a visa, Yusumf said he received a call from his father, a Muslim, telling him he would be arrested if he converted.

Ali Yusuf told CNN Philippines he was scared and angry.

My father had been arrested, but I was the only one in the family, and we were able to convince him to go.

We were in the room where my father was being detained, and he was telling me, ‘You will be arrested, if you do this.

But it’s better that you do it now.’

When the family returned to Malaysia in 1993, they had no money.

A man called Muhammad Yusuf had told them they would be given a visa if they converted.

But, they were not allowed to go to the country.

Muhammad Yusuf explained to his parents that if he was caught, they would not be able to go with him to Malaysia. 

“My parents told me to come back to my family.

So, we came back,” Yusuf says.

For Yusuf the conversion experience has changed the way he views his religion.

It has made him reconsider his life, Yusuh said.

I am still a Muslim and the Quran is my only religion, he added.

And I believe the Quran tells me that if you see the light of the sun, you are destined to get closer to Allah.

In the end, Yususuf decided to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca, a place where Christians, Jews, and Muslims pray.

At the end of his journey, Yusukis father said he had a revelation.

This is what he told him: You are not to go anywhere in the world.

You have to go wherever you have to.

To Yusuf’s amazement, Yusub said he didn’t know how he was going to get back to his family, but he had already decided to take his life.

His father, who is now in his 90s, said Yusuf now feels better about his life and is more confident in his faith.

There is no religion in the Quran that allows you to go from place to place,” Yusu, who now has a doctorate, told CNN.

So I’m going to do this pilgrimage to Islam, he says. 

But he said it was a decision that he could not make alone.

An Indonesian Christian leader said Yusu’s conversion is proof that Christianity is alive in the Middle East.

‘No matter what, it is our religion’For the first time in history, the world’s first Muslim convert, who converted to Islam and lived in Malaysia, has spoken to CNN Philippines in a country that is considered a Muslim stronghold, CNN Philippines reports.

Dr. Yusuf has been an international lecturer at the National University of Indonesia and a lecturer at Indonesia’s International School of Islamic Studies.

He is also a professor at the University of New South Wales.

He said that his conversion is part of Indonesia’s efforts to build bridges with the rest of the world, which he said has been critical to the success of Indonesia.

The Muslim-majority country is also considered to be the most peaceful in Southeast Asia, where there are almost 1.3 million Muslims.

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