Which is the most beautiful of all animals?

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A new study finds that the most popular pet animals are in fact dolphins and birds.

This new study, published in the journal Current Biology, found that people who live in countries where dolphins and other species are common can identify their pets as being more beautiful than those who live closer to sea.

For the study, researchers looked at how the public perceived the beauty of each of the animals, using the same test as that used in the famous photo of the dolphin.

The researchers found that while the public did not like to think of dolphins as being less beautiful than birds, they did have a preference for the more visually appealing dolphins.

“People like dolphins because they are more visually striking and they are bigger than birds,” lead author and animal lover from the University of Groningen, Christophe Pantocrator, told New Scientist.

The researchers then used the same questionnaire that people in the US and UK use to determine the beauty level of animals, to find out which animals they prefer.

The study found that, when asked to choose between the two, the most attractive dolphin was dolphins, with more than 90 per cent of people choosing it.

Interestingly, the researchers found a strong preference for whales, with a similar amount of people selecting them as the most pleasing animal.

However, the choice of which species of dolphin is the preferred one depends on the individual.

Dolphins are a great example of how we can pick a species and its characteristics based on what people have in common.

For example, if a dolphin is more similar to a seal than a dolphin, then the preference would be for a dolphin that looks like a seal.

But if a seal is more like a dolphin and has a distinctive nose, then it could be a dolphin with a distinct, distinctive nose and a distinct hump, which would make it a dolphin similar to seal.

Dolphins have a large range of habitats, including deep water and open ocean, which are home to a wide variety of animals.

They can swim underwater for long periods of time and they can be found at the bottom of lakes and rivers, where they are hunted for their meat.

They also live in communities, and the study suggests that these communities are home, at least in part, to the dolphins.

“These communities are also home to dolphins, and it’s the community at which they live that makes them different to other communities,” Pantocrators said.

In fact, the team found that the dolphins are more similar than they are different, because they share many features that people associate with dolphins, such as their distinctive fins and large dorsal fins.

For instance, the dolphins that live in the deepest parts of lakes, such in the Bahamas, are known as “fishy-footed” dolphins.

This allows them to navigate underwater without using their feet to pull them to the surface.

This is also one of the reasons why they are often found swimming with other dolphins, rather than being alone.

The most popular dolphin in the study was the dolphin that lives in the Great Barrier Reef, called the great white, with 43 per cent preference for it.

This is because the Great White is considered to be one of their most beautiful dolphins, as it has the biggest dorsal fin of any animal.

But another of the most common dolphin species, the blue finned dolphin, is more often seen in the ocean, with 26 per cent choosing it as their favourite dolphin.

This dolphin is also a great favourite among people because of its ability to breathe underwater, which is considered more efficient than air breathing.

Another dolphin, the bull dolphin, also comes in second place with 20 per cent, followed by the giant blue fin dolphin (12 per cent) and the great black dolphin (11 per cent).

However, there was a slight difference in preference for each of these species, with the bull and the bluefin dolphins coming in second and third, respectively.

Another dolphin in this study, the white fin dolphin, comes in third place, with 7 per cent.

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