Pope Francis speaks out on ‘global genocide’ of Jews

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Pope Francis has warned that “the global genocide of the Jews” is being carried out against them by their “worldwide network of networks of people who call themselves ‘Christians’.”

In his speech in the Italian town of Taranto, Francis warned that many of the “hidden networks of those who call itself Christians” are engaged in a “global genocide of Jews”, which he called a “war against humanity”.

In a video posted on his official Vatican account, the pontiff also said that there was a need for a “new way of understanding” the Jews, saying they were a “people who have been persecuted, attacked and murdered”.””

The world’s networks of Christians are waging war against humanity by their worldwide network which calls itself ‘Christ’ and they are carrying out a war against humankind.”

In a video posted on his official Vatican account, the pontiff also said that there was a need for a “new way of understanding” the Jews, saying they were a “people who have been persecuted, attacked and murdered”.

“The war against the Jews is the most serious threat to the world, and the war against those who consider themselves ‘Christian’ is a war on humanity itself,” he said.

He said the global genocide was a “world war”.

“We must not allow ourselves to be blinded by the narrow lens of a world that does not recognize that Jews are an indigenous people and are part, and are now, of a universal human family,” Francis said.

“And we must not forget that the Jews have always been part of the human family, who have always felt their humanity in the world and their dignity.”

Pope Francis: Jews ‘under siege’From The Associated Press:Pope Francis speaks during an interview with The Associated Media in Taranto.

Francis also accused the Catholic Church of “stealing from the poor and the sick”.

“They take from the sick, the poor, the needy, the vulnerable and the most persecuted, and they do it without conscience or the full recognition of God’s truth,” Francis told the AP.

Franciscans ‘tough new pope’The pope also said the “new pope” would have a “strong and decisive” message.

The Pope said he would be a “powerful voice” for Catholics, saying he would make the Church “one of the most important forces for the world”.

“I am a Catholic who is a Catholic with a heart,” Francis added.

Francists “fight the darkness”Francis, who was born in Argentina, became the first pope to visit Israel in nearly three decades after he took office in 2014.

He has been criticised for what critics say are overly tough new policies, such as a crackdown on gay rights in Argentina and a move to abolish the Catholic church in Italy.

Francisco, who has previously spoken out against abortion, gay marriage and abortion, said he was “confident” the new pope would be “strong” and that he would “take a very tough new approach to the issue”.

“This pope will take a strong and decisive position against the darkness of anti-Semitism and anti-abortion, which is what the pope has been talking about, and he will make the Catholic world one of the world’s most important movements,” Francis’ spokesperson said.

In a statement released on Monday, the Vatican said the pope’s comments were “a welcome step in the right direction”.

“Franciscan priests, brothers and sisters of all faith and belief, who are struggling to understand the new reality of the Gospel, must not give up,” the statement read.

“It is important for all Catholics to remember that they are the ones who are the leaders, who will decide the future of the Church and of the church in the Catholic tradition.”(AP)Topics:world-politics,religious-leaders,christianity,antarctica

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