How did a famous photo of Jesus Christ end up in the hands of the police?

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Posted December 16, 2018 08:21:06 On Thursday, December 11, a group of four people were arrested for trespassing on the roof of the Christ Community Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

Authorities claim they were there to film a medical helicopter flight.

The group was arrested after the crew refused to leave, claiming they were filming for a documentary on the hospital’s operations.

The photo was taken from a rooftop in a windowless room, and was posted on Facebook.

The image is now in the custody of the Oak Lawn Police Department.

A representative for the Christ Medical Center told the Associated Press that it was notified of the arrest on December 12.

The hospital says that the four people are in stable condition.

The Associated Press spoke with the crew that shot the photo, who said they were in the middle of filming a medical flight.

When asked why they did not leave, one of the crew said that they were not allowed to leave because they were doing their job.

“You are filming for the documentary and they are not,” the man said.

The man was also filmed saying that the crew did not want to leave the building.

The crew was released on bail on Thursday.

“The people in the room, they have to respect the law,” said the man.

“I would like to see someone arrested.”

The group of people was arrested on the condition that they not speak to the press.

They have also been banned from the Christ hospital for two years.

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