When Jesus died, ‘it’s a miracle’

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The “hampstered” and “faithful” images of Jesus as the bride of Christ were etched into the heart of one of the greatest Christian myths.

But now it seems they’ve been altered to make them seem like the story of a failed marriage.

“This was never a Christian wedding,” said Carol Furlong, the pastor of the Hope Church in North Texas, who first encountered the images in a recent podcast interview with her.

“There’s no mention of a Christian bride.

They were not married to any Christian.

There was no Christian ceremony.

They had no wedding party, no vows.”

Furlon is a devout evangelical who has been married three times.

But the images she came across during the podcast interview changed the story for her.

The church pastor was stunned when she saw the images of the wedding night in a church bulletin board.

“I had never seen the bride and groom together,” Furlun said.

“The Bible says they were not.

I didn’t see the wedding.”

Fountong was not the only pastor to notice the changes in the images.

After the interview with Furlons, Furlongs own church sent an email to members to ask them to stop using the images to promote the church.

“It was shocking,” Foulon said.

The pastor said the church received a lot of feedback from people who were confused by the images and wanted to know what the church was doing.

Furlings church has started a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for a new print and digital version of the photos.

Foulons church said they’ve received more than $10,000 in donations.

But Furls story is not unique.

In February, an ABC News investigation found more than 2,000 weddings in the U.S. are being held on the same day, or even just one day, without any Christian wedding.

For some of those weddings, the images depict Christian people in Christian wedding dresses.

“When I started the podcast, I had no idea that this would happen,” Fountons husband said.

Fountouns church says they’re also going to put out a new image that will include a photo of Jesus and the bride, along with the message, “Our wedding is a miracle.”

Foulones pastor told ABC News he believes many people have been duped by the wedding images.

“Some people were just going to accept it because it’s the Bible,” Fowlson said.

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