Samsung unveils ‘smart home’ for home users

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Samsung unveiled a smart home hub on Tuesday that allows users to connect their smartphone, TV, computer, or tablet to control lighting, entertainment, and more from a home theater.

The hub can also connect to Samsung SmartThings smart home devices, allowing users to control light, entertainment and more.

The Samsung Hub is a smart light switch that is currently available only to Samsung customers, but the company is hoping to expand to other devices and devices platforms in the coming months.

The smart light switches come with sensors and built-in sensors that can track user activity, including activity related to motion, sound, temperature, humidity, and lighting.

Users can control their lights, sound and temperature through the Samsung Hub by simply touching the lights or by using the smart light on the TV or in the app.

“We want the users to be able to control their lighting and entertainment in the home through a connected device,” said Jonathan Kim, senior director of product management for Samsung Electronics.

“Our goal is to be the leader in this area and offer a hub that will allow the users of this hub to control all of their home’s lights, audio and music in the same way they control all their devices.”

The Smart Hub also comes with a number of features that make it ideal for home theater enthusiasts.

The Hub supports Dolby Atmos audio, and its onboard sensors and sensor modules are built into the hub itself.

The sensors are able to detect motion, temperature and humidity, allowing the users in the room to adjust the brightness of the lights in the rooms they’re in.

The system also supports Samsung Smart Home Control, which is capable of controlling up to two connected devices simultaneously.

“This is the hub we’re aiming for for our customers,” said Kim.

“It’s got all the right features to meet their needs.”

Samsung also said that its smart lighting hub will work with most existing Samsung smart home products, such as Samsung SmartCast, Samsung SmartLight, and Samsung SmartControl.

Samsung also confirmed that it plans to offer its smart light hub in the U.S. on the Samsung SmartTV and Samsung smart lights in other markets, as well as other countries.

“If we’re not there, then we’ll be there for them,” Kim said.

The Smart Home Hub is available in a number standard and optional colors for consumers to choose from, and will ship in early December for $249.

Samsung will sell the Smart Home hub to consumers in the United States for $149 and the hub to others in the country for $99.

The product will be available for purchase from Samsung’s online store and its retail outlets in North America and Europe.

Samsung is offering the hub at an introductory price of $249 for the standard color and $99 for the optional color, which includes two smart lights and two smart switches.

The standard and the optional colors are only available to users of the Samsung Home Hub, and the prices will increase by $30 per month after the initial launch.

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