Jesus and the Christ of the Ozarks: The church of Christ of Ozarks

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A CHRIST hospital was built by a group of former churchgoers, who built it to offer a place to heal the sick.

Now the hospital is being used to treat patients who were born without legs and now need prosthetic legs to walk.

The christ church is based in Wollongong, in the NSW south east.

It was established by former church members who were fed up with the medical system in their area.

The group, which includes former ministers and church members, wanted to build a church for the sick and wounded.

“We were just kind of trying to find a way to make a difference and do something positive, and the church was a natural place to do that,” Christ church founder John Paine told RTE.

“It was the place we could be our true selves.”

“We had no clue what we were doing or where we were going, we just went out there and got started.”

“I was going to be a pastor, but then I got sick and we found the right place to make something special for people that needed it,” he said.

“Our purpose was to heal people.”

“It’s not a hospital, it’s not an ambulance, but it’s a place where people can come and be cared for, and that’s where it was born.”

Paine and his colleagues wanted to start the christ church in the Ozark town of Rosyth.

“They were in a bad spot and there was no one there to help them out,” he says.

“And we knew it was a big challenge, but we just had to keep going and we went ahead and built the christ fellowship church.”

The group began by building the church as a home for a handful of church members.

“I think it was in the early 20th century, I think they had a couple of people in town that were very sick, and they were looking for something to do, and we were just there for a bit,” Paine said.

When he was in his 40s, Paine and the other founders decided to start a medical school in the town.

“At the time we were really poor, we didn’t have a lot of money and we didn`t have any experience, so we didn�t have anybody that was experienced or that could help us,” he told Rte.

“So we decided to go and look for someone who was going somewhere else and just wanted to help us out.”

After that, the Christ church grew and evolved.

Today, there are more than 100 people working in the church, with over 500 people employed.

“The people that have done this have done it for a number of years now, they have worked in the christ school for years and years and they have got a really good feel for what it takes to do it right,” Poeh said.

The church also runs a hospice and a community service centre.

“In Rosyth we have a very good hospice, we have an emergency ward, we do a lot to get people to come in, to get them into hospice care,” Poesy said.

“And also we have the community service, which is something we are doing here.”

“This is where we help people in need, and it’s where we are looking for the next step for people to get into a church and into a ministry.”

Christ fellowship church in Rosyth is located on a rural street.

“This was a very special place to build, and I’m proud of the people that built it, the people who have stayed, and also the people of Rosyt who have left,” Pipes said.

“And I am really proud of what we have achieved, and how we have moved forward.”

The church is currently run by Christ fellowship church members with a mission to build Christ fellowship churches in the region.

“If we don’t have churches to go to, if we don`t know how to find churches to come to, and if we aren’t getting a feel for where we need to be and what we need in our community, what is the church of the future?” he said, “then we don�t need to go out and find it.”

Paine is hoping the church will serve as a place for people in the community to come together, “to have a spiritual life together, to go into ministry together, and to help people.”

The christ fellowship group is looking for a building for a new christ fellowship house in Rosyt.

The christ of the ozarks church is located in the Rosyth suburb of Burtons, in southern NSW.

“There are a lot more churches that are being built in this area, and so this is a really important area for us,” Piles said.

Paine has already secured funding from the NSW government to begin the building process.

“For those who don’t know, Rosyth has a really strong

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