How to build your own Marvel Infinity game

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When the PlayStation 4 was announced last month, one of the most anticipated games to come out of Sony was Marvel Infinity, the next game in the Marvel universe after Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

Marvel Infinity: Marvel Zombies is a first-person shooter game that was originally announced for the PlayStation 3 back in 2014 and was released on the PS4 back in 2016.

Its a shooter game in a very similar vein to what the previous Marvel games have done, but with zombies.

Like the previous games, the Zombies mode will be an arena-style mode where you have to shoot zombies, or run from zombies.

This is where you’ll find the majority of your combat.

I played the Zombies on PS4 and it’s an awesome game, and while the game is a bit buggy and the zombies sometimes appear to have a tendency to jump, they are pretty easy to kill.

There’s no single player, and the Zombies only appear in the game’s online mode, so you’re not limited to just shooting them with your gun.

There are two characters to choose from, and one of them is the Guardians, which you’ll fight alongside in the story mode.

The Guardians are the main characters in the Infinity universe and will be joined by the Avengers in future Marvel games, but they are not in the first game.

In fact, one might say the Guardians and Avengers are one and the same.

You’ll be able to pick up an Avengers Shield or a Guardians Shield for your Avenger, but the Avengers only appear as the game starts.

There is also a new Guardians Armor, but it only appears in the Zombies Mode.

In Zombies Mode, you’ll be fighting against waves of zombies and bosses.

As you defeat the boss, the zombies will drop their items and the bosses will drop health orbs.

You can also collect items by shooting zombies with your shotgun.

Zombies Mode can be played cooperatively with your friends, or solo with no friends.

When you pick up your first Guardian or Avengers Shield, it unlocks the ability to play with other Guardians and the Avengers.

You also unlock new abilities for your character, including the ability shoot a shot that is visible to all other players, and shoot a second shot that’s invisible to them.

The Avengers will be unlocked in the following DLC packs, and Guardians will also get a new Avenger Armor and Armor Pack.

This new Avenger armor pack includes three different weapons that you can pick up, and you can customize your character with different weapons to use.

For example, I picked up a shotgun that I can use in both melee and ranged combat, but I can also use it in a similar way to the Guardians’ Shield.

I can customize my character with my shield and then I can pick another one and use it.

I don’t have to buy the new Avengers Armor, so I could pick up the Shield instead.

The weapons you can equip to your character are as follows: Shotgun: A shotgun that can be equipped to your characters back.

It’s a little heavy and can be a little inaccurate.

The shotgun will do damage when fired.

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