Christ’s Passion and the Birth of Jesus

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Youth for Christ, a charity that helps young people in India to make an impact, has asked the government to provide more financial support for its programmes.

In a letter to Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday, Youth for Christian Development, a ministry established in the past few months to address poverty and unemployment in the country, asked for an increase in the funds allocated to it by the government.

Youth for Christ’s ministry has received more than Rs 25 crore from the central government for youth programmes.

It also wanted the state government to establish a programme for scholarships for children in the same category of students that has received Rs 20 crore so far.

It also wanted a dedicated fund for all its programmes, including scholarships, for the next six months.YFCD’s request comes after a number of programmes that have been initiated by the organisation, which has already helped some 10 lakh children.

Youth for Christianity is also helping to launch a programme on the eve of the centenary of the birth of Jesus Christ on January 21, which is being attended by over 20,000 youth across the country.

The ministry has also been making efforts to connect children with the youth in their communities, particularly through its Youth in Need initiative, which seeks to bring more than 60,000 youngsters to schools across the state.YTCD’s chief executive, Shrikant Kumar, said the ministry had been providing financial support to YFCD for the past five years.

“The ministry is very happy with the response received from the government and it is also very happy that more funds have been made available for the programme,” he said.

Ytterbium said in a statement that it has not seen a need to increase the allocation to Youth for Christians.

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