When Jesus H.Christ met God, He was ‘unfair’ to men

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JESUS CHRIST (CBS NEWS) — When Jesus Christ met God he was unfair to men.

It was the “injustice” of the world to have men as the rulers of the earth, the apostle John told the apostles.

But as the church became the “greatest and wisest kingdom in the earth,” the apostle taught, the “sin of the whole world” was justified by the Lord Jesus Christ.

“If a man offend you in one thing, it is a sin against the whole house of God,” he said.

It is the “same sin against all men, that they should not be held to account for it.”

John’s warning about the unfairness of men came after the fall of Rome.

“For I came not to bring peace but a sword,” he wrote.

And the sword came to him, “with the intent that in it he might prove himself, and destroy every man that would not turn to him the righteousness of God.”

But the church was not yet “the kingdom of God” at that time.

Jesus’ followers in the first century believed that God was the Father of all men and the Holy Spirit was the Spirit of the Father.

The Bible taught that the Holy Trinity was one God.

But Jesus didn’t believe in the existence of two gods, or in the divinity of Jesus Christ as God.

In fact, Jesus said he had only one Father.

“And when I saw Him, I was filled with joy because of the love I had for Him,” John said.

And as the years passed, Jesus became more and more frustrated with his opponents.

“When they said to Him, ‘What is your opinion concerning us?’

He said, ‘I am not the God of the Jews; I have not come to judge the world,’ and he said to them, ‘Behold, I am coming to judge you.'”

Jesus had many enemies, John wrote.

But his greatest opponents were not the Jews but rather the Gentiles, those who lived on the other side of the Jordan River.

The Gentiles believed in one God and wanted to be recognized for the truth of God’s word, he wrote, but Jesus didn’ t trust them.

And he also did not believe in a God who had “power over all things.”

But as Jesus rose to prominence in the church and became the first disciple of Jesus, the church began to take notice of his teachings.

And one day, he said, “a great multitude of men” gathered together.

And Jesus went to the synagogue.

He had just spoken to them in a meeting about the coming of the Son of Man, he recalled.

And some of the Pharisees and the Sadducees who had come to the meeting thought Jesus was lying, he added.

“They said to him,’ This is a lie, for He told you that there were gods and that they had power over all men.

But when Jesus saw that they were not able to accept the truth, He said to His disciples, ‘It is I who am not lying; I am telling you the truth.'”

But even though Jesus was “saying the truth,” the Jews were not willing to accept Jesus as God, and many were angry at the man.

They wanted to crucify him, he explained.

So Jesus went back to the Temple to deliver His message to them.

“Now this is the way that Jesus went into the synagogue,” John wrote, “when He said: ‘My God is the God I serve, and He is not my God; I serve Him alone.’

And there came to Him one of the scribes, whose name was Philip, who said to Jesus, ‘Lord, if we kill one of you, we will kill all the rest.'”

But Jesus replied, “Have you heard that the prophets said to you, ‘You shall not murder, you shall not commit adultery, you will not steal, you can’t hurt anyone’?

And again I say to you: The Son of man will give his life for you.'”

Then Jesus told the Jews about His birth in Bethlehem, and he began to preach the gospel to them and told the world that Jesus was the Messiah.

In this way, John says, “the Jewish people were converted to Christianity.”

But John’s message, along with that of his friends, was quickly ignored by the world, the Roman Empire and even the Roman Catholic Church.

And it was not until the Protestant Reformation, about a century after John’s time, that Christians began to make peace with Jesus and the Jews.

But the truth about Jesus’ teachings was never fully established until the year 2000, when the Church’s new Holy Scriptures were canonized by Pope Benedict XVI.

For the first time in history, a single source was allowed to be used to determine whether or not a particular passage of Scripture was to be accepted as the Word of God.

This was the papal bull Laudato Si’. It is

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