How Israel and the United States have turned their backs on the Christian faith

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Israel’s ruling Likud party, led by former president Shimon Peres, has become the dominant force in the Jewish state.

But while it has been an important force for decades, its influence has waned in recent years as Israel’s increasingly secular society has begun to assert its independence.

The main issue is that Jews who do not follow the Israeli religion are being denied a religious identity, said Yael Schreiber, a professor of religion at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

The new Pew Research Center study, “Jewish State and Religion: How Religion Shapes Israel’s Statehood,” examines the impact of religion on Israel and its citizens.

The study, published in The Washington Times, examined how Jews who identify as Christian have been negatively impacted by the government’s decision to exclude the Christian Church from its state religion.

Jews who belong to other religions, such as Judaism, say they have experienced fewer restrictions.

In fact, the study found that the number of Jews who attend religious services regularly has fallen since the mid-2000s.

The Pew survey found that Jews were twice as likely as Jews who were unaffiliated to say they attended services on a weekly basis.

The number of Israeli Jews who are Christian, who follow other religions and live in secular areas, also fell sharply between 2014 and 2016.

That is despite a resurgence in Christianity, especially in the West Bank, which has seen a surge in Christianity.

The rise of Christianity in the United Kingdom was the biggest single religious change in Britain over the past 40 years.

The majority of Britons who are Christians are now Orthodox Jews, but Christians are not the only ones experiencing the decline.

In Germany, Christianity is declining in many Christian denominations, and the number who attend services daily has also fallen, according to a 2015 Pew study.

In France, which is more religiously diverse than the United Israelites, Jews have been the most affected.

The country’s government has made several attempts to reinstate Christianity in recent decades, but this is not the first time the issue has sparked conflict.

In the past, the government has taken steps to change the country’s constitution to remove the requirement that Jews convert to Christianity, which critics say is a religious test.

In 2016, French Jews voted to amend the constitution to make it more welcoming to those who do convert.

The French government has not officially decided on the issue, but the country has had no formal policy to ban Christianity from the country since at least 2009.

“The Christian faith is part of who we are,” said the Rev. Tzvi Rosenbaum, an Orthodox rabbi who lives in the Paris suburb of Montparnasse, a suburb of the capital.

“Our faith is not a religion.

It’s part of our identity.

The Jewish faith has to be part of the constitution.”

In 2017, the French parliament passed a law to ban the Christian-dominated Orthodox Church in France from receiving funds and grants.

It is unclear if this legislation will be implemented.

The decision sparked an outcry from Jews across the country, who were outraged at the government for not allowing Jews to be represented in the state parliament.

It also prompted a series of protests against the law.

“I want the government to know that they’re not in control of the state, they’re in charge of the parliament,” said Rabbi Rosenbaum.

“They have a moral obligation to respect our rights.”

The Pew study also found that religious freedom is under attack in Israel.

The government has blocked the publication of a book by a prominent Israeli journalist that explores the relationship between Christianity and the Holocaust.

The Israeli government has also cut ties with prominent Jewish organizations and religious figures who criticize the government.

In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in hate crimes and vandalism against Christians in Israel, which some say is an attempt to undermine the state’s secular ethos.

A report published last year by the American Jewish Committee found that more than 40 percent of Israeli respondents believed the country had a “toxic climate for religious freedom.”

The report added that “there is widespread hostility towards the Jewish faith in Israel.”

The number and nature of the attacks against Christian Israelis has also grown in recent months.

In December, the head of the Israeli government’s Jewish Agency was stabbed to death while attempting to defend a woman from an anti-Semitic mob.

In January, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said the death of the head rabbi of a major religious institution was an act of “terrorism” and an “attack on all Jewish institutions.”

A woman was arrested in February for allegedly throwing acid at a rabbi at the Jewish Agency.

In February, an Israeli judge ruled that a Jewish man could be prosecuted for throwing a Molotov cocktail at a police officer during a protest over the arrest of a prominent Muslim activist.

The Justice Ministry announced that it was investigating whether the case should be investigated as a hate crime, though the police have said the man has denied the charge.

On April 1, the prime minister’s

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