New York City Catholic Health Center opens for family planning service

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New York (AP) A New York Catholic health center has opened for family-planning services to help low-income New Yorkers get access to birth control, a move that could help the city fight its health care crisis.

The newly opened Catholic Health Institute at Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan will offer a limited number of contraceptive services and the contraceptive pills that will be available for $10 a month.

The program, which is called the New York Contraception Initiative, has been in the works for about a year.

The Catholic Health and Human Services Institute (CHSI) will provide the contraceptive pill, a non-hormonal birth control method.

The New York Health Department has said about 7 million people in the state do not have access to access to the birth control pill, and the state has the lowest contraceptive coverage in the country at about one-third of the population.

The plan to help the state avoid the health care catastrophe it faces could help low income women access the birth-control pill and other birth control services.

Chiara Cipolla, the center’s executive director, said the goal of the program is to provide an affordable alternative to other options for family birth control in the community.

“I think it’s very important for us to be able to provide this option to people who don’t have it in their homes, who don.t have access, who are at risk for unintended pregnancies,” Cipona said.

“It is also important for women who are worried about the birth of a child that they are using this option.”

The plan is part of a broader effort by CHSI and the Catholic Health Council to help women and men in New York who do not already have access access to family planning services in the city.

CHSI is an independent organization.

The council is part, and has received support from, the state.

The agency is also looking for funding to expand contraceptive services at other hospitals in New Jersey and New York, and to expand coverage of other family planning programs across the state, including Planned Parenthood, the nonprofit health agency.

The CHSI program will offer contraceptive services to anyone who is at risk of unintended pregnancy, including women who do and do not use contraception.

The services will be free for the first six months and $5 for the rest of the year.

Women who want to access the services can pay $5 per month.

The institute will also provide women who want the birth controls but do not live in the area with other birth-care providers to provide them with information and referrals.

Women may also get information on other family-friendly contraception services.

The health center will also offer free referrals for birth control and the pill to low- income New Yorkers.

The first six weeks of the health center’s program are free.

Women will pay $10 per month for the birth and pill services for two months, and they will pay another $5 each month thereafter.

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