How to help with Christchurch hospital’s hospital bill

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On Monday, the Christchurch Hospital was left struggling to cope with a massive bill from the coronavirus outbreak.

The $11.8 million bill, which was uncovered by the ABC on Tuesday, represents the first time the hospital has faced an actual liability, and will be paid out to all those affected by the coronas.

The bill is likely to be paid over the next few weeks.

The hospital’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Scott Stansfield, said the hospital had been hit hard by the virus and had taken the decision to make the most of the situation by donating all of its remaining beds to patients.

“This has been a devastating experience for the hospital, and we have taken a number of measures to reduce the impact of the crisis,” Dr Stansbury said.

“We have also provided temporary accommodation to our remaining staff and staff on standby and we will be using these funds to further reduce the stress on staff.”

Our staff will continue to do their best to assist with care and support for our patients, as well as our community, as we move forward.

“He said that in the last week, there had been an increase in calls for help from those in the community.”

Over the last couple of days we have received a significant increase in phone calls from those who are worried about their loved ones in hospital,” Dr Spansfield said.

He said it was important to remember that there was still time for Christchurch residents to take advantage of the government’s Disaster Relief Program (DRP), which offers up to $10,000 in emergency aid to affected communities.”

For many people who are affected by this crisis and want to be part of the relief efforts, the DRP can provide a financial lifeline,” Dr Sisfield said in a statement.”

While we can only provide a small amount of support, it can help those who need it most.

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