How to deal with the death of the American church

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A group of prominent Evangelical pastors has taken aim at what they call the “pervasive” influence of secularism in the church.

The pastors, led by Rev. Charles W. Lane, wrote a new book called “Godless, Stupid, and UnChristian,” which they hope will “raise the level of critical thinking, critical thinking for God-loving Christians, and the rethinking of the church in America.”

The pastors are part of a growing movement of evangelicals who have challenged the mainstream Protestant churches for centuries, and in the latest push they’re focusing on a specific set of issues.

Here are the key points of their book.


Godless, stupid, and unChristian?

The pastors claim that Christianity has become a “pervasively secular” society, with the churches largely being held to a set of rules that allow them to exclude nonbelievers.

They say that the church’s “principal task” is to “educate the people in our churches and the rest of the world” on the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

They also claim that the churches are failing to teach people about the Bible’s role in helping them live out their faith and in promoting moral behavior.

They argue that the “cognitive dissonance” in Christianity leads to the “lack of moral conviction” and that there is “an increasing acceptance of immoral conduct by many of the people we teach in our faith schools.”

The problem is, the pastors say, the churches have “failed to develop a doctrine of morality in its entirety.”

They point to the book “God-Hating in America” by Thomas B. Dietz, which is based on a book by the same authors that was written in 1885 and is widely considered a standard work in the field.

The book was a landmark in American evangelicalism and was published in 1890.

Dietzen’s book, which Dietz also called “a Christian bible” and an “epistemology of the mind,” argued that Christianity was based on God’s love for humankind.

It was one of the earliest works to suggest that there were different levels of moral morality.

Dietze, who died in 1932, wrote that “a human being is an animal that is endowed with reason and a capacity for feeling.”

He wrote that people are born with a “will to live and a nature of self-control that allows them to be moral.”

Dietz’s book argued that human beings are creatures of the universe, with “an instinctive capacity for self-preservation.”

The book’s most prominent author was Thomas Malthus, the Austrian economist who predicted that by the end of the 19th century, the population of the earth would be declining by 1 billion people.

Dietzing’s book was later discredited by the Catholic Church.

Dietzes book also advocated the destruction of the United States as a Christian nation.

Dietzens church, which they call “a church of peace,” has condemned the destruction, saying in a 2016 statement that the destruction “threatens our very existence.”


The Christian churches should be more ethical The pastors argue that “it is the responsibility of the Christian church to be ethical in all of its activities,” including preaching, teaching, and worship.

They said that the Bible is the only source of morality, and that Christians must be “empathizing with the moral values of all people in the world.”

“The Bible is not just a set set of moral precepts,” they wrote.

“It is the ultimate moral guide to the whole human family.

The Bible is about the relationship between man and the universe.

It is the most important book of all time.

And it is the greatest inspiration for all humanity.”

They also said that Christianity should be a more ethical culture.

They called for a rethinking “of the Christian churches and all their institutions” and said that they wanted to bring about a “rethinking of our nation’s values, and a new ethic of life.”


The church should be less like a “social club” and more like a church in need of reform.

The pastor authors argued that “the Christian churches have been too passive in recent decades, and this has led to a culture in which the leadership of our churches has been too timid, and so too have the churches in many parts of the country.”

The pastor pastors argued that they needed to “make our churches more powerful, more accountable, and more inclusive.”

They wrote that the lack of accountability for leaders in the Christian denominations and the lack for the churches to change their ways “has contributed to the culture of apathy and indifference that has led many of us to be silent or not to speak up for what is right.”

They called on the churches “to take responsibility for our own moral leadership and for our communities in general.”

The churches must be more like “a social club” rather than a “church in need,” according to the pastor pastors.

They wrote in the book: The church must become a social club

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