Christian hospital in Cincinnati receives $1.2 million from state for opioid treatment facility

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CINCINNATI (AP) The state’s largest hospital, where hundreds of opioid overdoses have been documented, received a $1 million infusion from the federal government this week as part of a push to expand opioid treatment.

The Cincinnati-based hospital, which operates in the city’s southside and westside, is part of the Ohio Health Connector, a collaboration between the state Department of Rehabilitation and Correction and local hospitals.

In an email, spokeswoman Kelly Mays said the state’s hospital system has “been in contact with the hospital to discuss the funding available for this important effort.”

The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, or CMS, awarded a $3.8 million grant to Cincinnati-area hospitals in March to expand drug screening and treatment at a handful of locations.

In addition to expanding opioid screening, the hospital has been providing overdose prevention services and opioid addiction treatment.

Cincinnati HealthCare, the health insurance company for Cincinnati hospitals, is funding the expansion of overdose prevention programs.

The grant also covers the costs of a new 24-hour overdose response center and additional overdose prevention training.

Cincinnati’s hospital, for example, will pay $600 per hour for its paramedics to respond to calls involving overdose, as well as other services.

The new center is scheduled to open in mid-October.

The expansion of addiction treatment programs was first announced last year and was meant to begin this year.

In October, a study by the state Medical College of Ohio found that the hospital was the most prevalent location for overdose in the Cincinnati area.

But the report did not specify whether or not the new center was part of that analysis.

A spokeswoman for CMS, which oversees Medicaid and Medicare, said the funding will be available to the hospitals that provide the most effective treatment to opioid-addicted patients.

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