Which White House Chief of Staff Is A Fraud?

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I asked White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders if this was the first time someone had been removed for the sin of being gay, but she said the president had no plans to do that.

“He is very proud of the LGBT community and the LGBT communities in general,” Sanders said.

“And I think they deserve to be represented.”

I asked her what the president meant by that.

Sanders said it was a reflection on how the president is viewed in the LGBT world.

“Well, the president, when he talks about it, he speaks about the love and the unity and the equality that we have,” Sanders explained.

“I think that’s the point of what the administration is doing, is making sure that people who are marginalized, especially people of color, are not marginalized in the first place.”

Sanders said the President was proud of his cabinet, and that he was happy to see the LGBT Community Center and the Stonewall Inn opened.

I asked if he thought the President had ever said he was proud that the LGBT population had gained more representation in his administration than they had in his predecessors.

“No, sir,” Sanders replied.

“Not at all.”

What do you think?

Should LGBT Americans be given equal protections under the law?

What would you do differently to serve your community?

Please send your feedback to [email protected]

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