What Paul does with his time in the wilderness

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The apostle of Christ Paul, who spent nearly four years in the desert for the last five years, is now living the life of a Christian again.

The former church leader was a fugitive from justice for years, having been jailed in Egypt in 2012 for charges related to the kidnapping and killing of an Egyptian journalist.

His family said he has been living out of a caravan in the U.S. desert for a month, and has been using a small camper in his new home in the Mojave Desert, near the Utah border, for recreation.

His church, the Church of the Subterranean Christ, has taken on a new identity, and is now calling itself the Christian Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Church of Latter Day Saints.

Paul said he and his family had been living in a tent in a trailer park near his family’s home for the past few months.

He said they have been going to a Christian camp every weekend, and have received a lot of support from others who have joined the faith.

He said the camp has been good, and he is enjoying himself.

He told Fox News Sunday that the camper he has in his tent is equipped with a heater, a water pump, a solar panel and a toilet, all of which he said is to provide food and water for the camPER, a family of two.

The Church of Subterraneans was founded in 1884 by Mormon pioneer Francis M. Boggs, a prominent polygamist, who had been exiled from Utah.

He had to leave after the federal government forced him to leave Utah, in part over a court case.

The U.N. estimates the Mormon Church has about 1.5 million members worldwide.

Paul had been in the United States on an official mission to the United Nations, but when he was caught by the authorities he was sent back to Utah and the rest of the U,S.A. He spent a year in jail for that crime, and then spent three years in prison on trumped-up charges related, among other things, to an alleged plot to kill a Utah judge.

Paul and his wife, Emma, were eventually released from prison in 2012.

The church says he was released in 2016 after being exonerated by the U

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