Trump, Elizabeth Trump: A chart of their history

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Donald Trump and Elizabeth Trump have been at the center of a tug of war in the 2016 election, with the Republican nominee accusing his opponent of being a socialist, and the Democratic nominee, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, blaming him for her husband’s death.

In a chart published Thursday, Vox, a nonpartisan news organization, listed the names of all 50 states that have elected both candidates.

It said that Clinton has been elected by 1.6 million votes, while Trump has been nominated by 1,084,000.

The Republican nominee has also won the popular vote in six of the states.

The chart also included a chart of the number of states that elect presidents.

According to Vox, the current Republican president has won the presidency in 21 states, while Clinton has won four.

The Democrats currently have two.

The data comes after Vox published a list of states where Trump won or lost the popular votes in 2016, which included the battleground states of Pennsylvania and Michigan.

In Pennsylvania, Trump won the state by 723,000 votes, but lost by nearly 6 million votes in Michigan.

Trump and Clinton have been feuding over the 2016 presidential election since late October, when the Trump campaign accused Clinton of trying to steal his popular vote by claiming he would have won the electoral college but lost the election.

Clinton has consistently said that she would have been the better candidate for president, but she has since conceded the election to Trump.

In a CNN interview on Tuesday, she said she has no regrets about voting for Trump.

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