Trump: “Christ is born in the United States”

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Trump: ”Christ is created in the U.S.”

Trump: Trump has made it clear he believes in a literal interpretation of the Bible, a claim that many conservative Christians say is incorrect.

Trump also has criticized Christianity, saying that he believes the Bible is inerrant and his family has no ties to it.

His father, Fred Trump, is an evangelical pastor who served as U.N. ambassador to the Holy See.

Trump has repeatedly denied the existence of a “Christendom” and has made numerous references to the Bible’s teachings on homosexuality, abortion and women’s rights.

The Rev. Jerry Falwell Jr., a Republican who was once a longtime Trump confidant, tweeted Tuesday that he is “not sure I would want to be associated with anyone who has a problem with Christ or the gospel.”

He added that Trump has said he will not take a position on the Supreme Court’s ruling that legalized same-sex marriage.

Falwell’s son Jerry Falco Jr. said that his father would be “a sad man” if he ever endorsed Trump, but that Trump “is a great leader.”

He said Trump’s comments “serve as a reminder of the hypocrisy of many Christians.”

Trump has also called for a moratorium on immigration from countries that discriminate against Christians, as well as a ban on the admission of refugees from certain countries.

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